What we do

What we do

A2Z Venture was founded to invest in and assist entrepreneurs at the nexus of healthcare and technology. Simply put, our mission is to affect. We aim to improve healthcare for all people substantially by reducing the cost to many people to provide better services. Massively better entails enormous change—improvement in every dimension by order of magnitude or more—healthcare that is exceptionally functional, dependable, easy, and affordable.

We aim to significantly improve healthcare for every human being. We work with organizations dedicated to enhancing the quality, safety, and accessibility of our healthcare system.

With the increasing difficulties in healthcare, we can assist entrepreneurs in implementing revolutionary and scalable changes to patient care while maintaining high profits.

Our future portfolio businesses will address various issues, including mental health, smoking cessation, hospital and payer administration, and diabetes, and many others. As early-stage investors, we seek to invest in persistent challenge solvers and enable them to become sustainable and scalable enterprises that have a significant role to play.

Our internal guiding principle is to serve as an early employee, not an adviser or mentor. That requires us to get our hands filthy and do actual labor. We assist our clients with various business problems, including financing, market entry strategy, customer development, company development, contracts, pricing, marketing, communications, and public relations.

A2Z Ventures’ partners include medical institutions, corporate strategic partners, and venture capital firms; they are our allies who provide diverse views and strategic insights to our businesses about the healthcare sector.

However, the most essential service we give is not offered by us; the community of founders provides it. We are very fortunate that our most successful founders contribute significantly to the A2Z Venture ecosystem. We collaborate to provide support for one another as we strive to create a better healthcare system.