We invest in deep technical talent and connect them with development opportunities to achieve scale, revenue, and a good impact aligned with the SDGs.

How We Invest in Businesses?

We use an integrated investment strategy and prioritize investments in e-mobility, manufacturing, and energy technologies. We’re seeking businesses with a distinct technical perspective and the ability to alter the game’s rules.

What we are looking for


We think it’s simpler to develop technologies that alter how businesses produce than changing everyone’s consuming habits. As a result, we’re on the lookout for solutions that will generate new markets and upend the existing quo.


We invest in deep technological solutions that cross-pollinate across three industries: energy, mobility, and manufacturing.


We invest in businesses that have technology that can be used in Europe, Australia, as well as India, and Southeast Asia’s rapidly expanding nations.


Our investments must adhere to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) framework and ESG criteria.

SDG Aligned Impact Investment

Our Investments align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In particular our fund addresses the following SDG.