Our Values

Our values

  • We strive for excellence by holding ourselves and our partners to the highest standards.
  • We are a relationship firm; integrity, trust and respect govern our actions.
  • The spirit of partnership affects everything we do; we work as a team, share recognition and accountability and communicate clearly and openly.
  • We work for alignment among management, the board and our investors.
  • We seek continuous improvement throughout our organization by setting clear objectives and candidly assessing our successes and failures.
  • We persevere in achieving our goals.
  • We endeavor to be efficient and impactful in our work.
  • We believe our work should be meaningful and enjoyable.


  • Strive to be the best, continuously learning and improving.
  • Set high expectations and achieve ambitious goals.
  • Exemplify and advance best practices in investment management.


  • Always do the right thing.
  • Report transparently on our activities and results.
  • Meet our commitments and be accountable for our actions.


  • Operate as a cohesive team in an open, creative, high-performance culture.
  • Work closely with the university, serving as a trusted partner.
  • Partner with investment managers, service providers and others to our mutual benefit.


  • Treat people of all identities, talents and perspectives equitably.
  • Promote and actively foster diversity and inclusion.
  • Respect, value and embrace the power of difference.


  • ¬†Invest responsibly, applying an ESG lens and guided by a clear set of principles.
  • Pursue and promote sustainability in how we invest and how we operate.
  • Consider the long-term impact of every decision.

Monomoy Values