Our Mission


To be the preferred investment manager for our partners by delivering better long-term investment returns, aligning our interests with theirs, and exceeding expectations.

To recruit, develop, and retain outstanding individuals by creating a supportive and challenging team atmosphere that rewards excellence and building a culture of continual development, efficient communication, and learning from failure.

Our mission is to find, invest in and build

stronger sustainable businesses.

Nordic capital is able to create value within the businesses that it owns by:

Applying a high level

of selectivity

Having a deep

understanding of its

focus sectors

Utilising strong



Proactively supporting

its portfolio businesses

Avoiding a reliance on

external factors or the

wider economy

A2Z Venture Capital is a private equity firm focused exclusively on healthcare. We strive to create exceptional value through our team of investment and operating professionals working collaboratively with the management of our portfolio companies. Our objective is to invest resources and provide stewardship as we create long-term sustainable growth, thereby producing superb, risk-adjusted returns for our investors.