Our Success

Here’s How We’ve Been Investing Successfully:

Proprietary Deal Flow

A2Z Venture has extensive networks, regular speakers and authors, and has strong ties to some of the world’s most influential CEOs, entrepreneur networks, and impact forums.

Process of Strict Selection and Evaluation

A2Z Venture has created a world-class due diligence methodology to assess each investment opportunity’s strategic, operational, financial, management team, and impact potential. To enable better analysis and comparison, the highly organized approach yields an objective score for each fundamental principle in each area of due diligence. We choose and work with outstanding, high-performing management teams via an investment selection and assessment process designed to offer world-class advice at every step.

Value-added Advisory And Governance Process

A2Z Venture has adopted a set of advisory templates, processes, analytics, and reports to closely track portfolio company performance and mentor companies through a continuous improvement process in order to accelerate growth and equity value while also maximizing their impact potential to the broadest possible set of components and community participants. We have a talented workforce and network to meet a wide range of business requirements, and we have extensive expertise in arranging exits for maximum effect. We assist portfolio businesses in raising all of their capital requirements and providing consulting and governance assistance.

Value-Maximizing Exit Process

To ensure that portfolio businesses are focused on the ultimate objective of a seamless and successful exit, A2Z Venture is actively engaged in an ongoing exit strategy and preparation process. To keep the founder’s vision alive, high-impact business models need the appropriate exit.

We have the expertise necessary to arrange an appropriate exit:

  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Merger / Buyout with like-minded businesses
  • Buyback of Leveraged Management
  • Off-market liquidity for private equity
  • Purchase of pooled vehicles