Gender Parity Initiative

Gender Parity And Conscious Inclusivity

Since 1929, when one of our founding partners, the Honourable Newton Wesley Rowell, was the lead lawyer in the legal case that declared women as “persons” under the law, A2Z Venture has forged new paths in women’s empowerment.

Throughout its history, A2Z Venture has worked hard to empower women and improve gender parity in the workplace. In 1929, one of the firm’s founding partners, Newton Rowell, helped represent Alberta’s Famous Five: Emily Murphy, Nellie McClung, Irene Parlby, Louise McKinney and Henrietta Muir Edwards, in the “Persons’ Case,” all the way to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in Britain. A groundbreaking initiative, this historical legal win declared women “persons” within the meaning of the British North America Act, so they could be appointed to the Canadian Senate.

Women In Law

Today, we are equally proud of A2Z Venture’s gender parity initiative that brings to life, leading-edge, progressive policies and resources to foster networking, leadership and business development opportunities for women in law. The focus of the initiative is to create a culture of conscious inclusion and involves in-house mentoring, internal and external professional development opportunities to provide the platform for female lawyers and business professionals to excel at the firm. A2Z Venture also provides lawyers and business professionals, on an individual basis, flexible work arrangements to meet other personal needs.

Support For Women’s Community Initiative

A2Z Venture also demonstrates leadership in advancing women in the workforce and law by participating in numerous community initiatives. At A2Z Venture, we also know that while the gap between women and men caregivers has lessened over the past generation, research shows that women still carry the mainstay of family caregiving responsibilities. A2Z Venture is committed to leading the way towards bridging this gap for women in law firms. We provide parental support to assist expectant and new parents with managing their new family dynamics and professional responsibilities, including a toolkit and a mentor to help them easily enter into their parental leave and enjoy their time while planning a smooth transition back to work once the parental leave concludes. New mothers also receive several paid coaching sessions with an external consultant to assist with transition and reintegration issues. Throughout life’s milestones, women at A2Z Venture LLP are poised to succeed.