How We Invest

Financing visionary entrepreneurs as they develop and

grow innovative healthcare ideas.


We are long-term investors who form long-term relationships with the founders and leaders of exceptional companies. These collaborations are often created when a startup has received seed capital, produced a proof of concept, and gained some market validation.

Typically, we invest in Seed or Series A rounds and continue to invest in our businesses via follow-on investments.


We think that technology can fundamentally alter and enhance healthcare and contribute to the development of more efficient, transparent, and accessible healthcare systems.

Our firm's business is at the forefront of innovation, creating the next generation of health technology companies that will help transform global healthcare.


We are active investors. We take an active role; we offer continuous support, assist in team development, and safeguard critical customers as required.

We guarantee the money and resources necessary for our portfolio businesses' growth via a robust network of industry partners and co-investors.


Our investments are anticipated to produce excellent returns as a result of our prudent capital allocation and concentration. We optimize profits via strategic partnerships, network expansion, and active management.


Investments will be made in early-stage businesses spanning from pre-Seed rounds through pre-IPO stages, with initial investments concentrating on Seed and Series A round investments.


HealthTech concepts that are ground-breaking in terms of digitization of healthcare, the development of consumer MedTech, and the consumerization of health and wellness are what we are looking for.


Company locations in Canada and the United States that target North America and Europe are our primary investment targets.

What We Look For

Revolutionary Growth

  • investing in digital healthcare, health information technology, and consumer-facing medical technology
  • Invest in early-stage companies with the potential for tenfold returns

Returns on Investment

  • Giving strategic direction, forming alliances, and establishing distribution channels
  • Providing in-depth industry expertise that portfolio businesses and boards of directors appreciate

Pipeline of Deals

  • Enabling sustained high levels of proprietary deal flow
  • Our unmatched access to private sector transactions

Financial Returns

  • Aiming for an IRR of 25% on investments with a 25% growth rate
  • Extra revenue streams or earnings derived from distribution rights and strategic partnerships