Where do you invest?

We invest solely in firms headquartered in the United States, Canada, and Southeast Asia at the moment. Additionally, we are experimenting with certain targeted investments in Africa and Latin America.

We’ll make it to the rest of the world eventually.

What do you invest in?

We are investing in consumer-facing Medtech, digital healthcare, and healthcare IT.

As a small fund, we try to avoid capital-intensive businesses that need tangible goods like e-commerce or hardware.

How big is your fund?

Fund I is Nano fund.

Which stage do you intend to invest in? Do you participate in Series A funding rounds?

Pre-seed and seed rounds are where we invest in.

We may invest in existing portfolio businesses as a follow-on investment into a Series A round on occasion. Our first investments, however, are at the pre-seed/seed stage.

Are you an accelerator?

We are not an accelerator in the conventional sense, but we like collaborating with our founders to provide value where we can, particularly via our network in Toronto/Silicon Valley and the growth programs we provide to our portfolio businesses.

Do you lead rounds? What is your check size?

Our initial check is typically $25k – $100k unless we’ve already dealt with the founder.

We are highly comfortable negotiating terms and being the first to conduct due diligence on your business! However, we will not be placing the majority of our money into your round due to our modest check size.

If you already have a lead, we will review the round conditions and determine if we wish to invest alongside the principal.

How long do you take to decide?

Most of the time, entrepreneurs may anticipate a response from us within 24 to 48 hours after speaking with us.

Do you coach outside of your fund?

Unfortunately, we cannot.

Are you a diversity fund?

We constantly accept applications from unconventional and diverse entrepreneurs (and encourage all submissions that fit our investing criteria above). However, A2Z Venture is not a diversity fund. We invest in startups based on their business model/unit economics and the entrepreneurial spirit of their founders.

What don’t you invest in?

Anything that isn’t related to healthcare or medicine. There is also no business model that necessitates hardware development, such as healthcare or medicine.

We were previously offered the chance to invest in a tropical island, but we had to turn it down.

What is the purpose of your newsletter?

Every week, we send you one email about startup strategies.

Fundraising methods, client acquisition approaches, company growth strategies, and case studies from actual businesses in our portfolio are just a few of the topics covered.

Do you want to have a look? To sign up, visit this link.

Is it necessary for our product to be ready to apply?

Our sweet spot is reserved for businesses that have developed a minimum viable product (MVP)

Are you a proactive investor?

Yes – at all times.

How many investments do you make throughout the year?

We invest approximately ten to twelve times each year.

Is it necessary for me to work full-time?


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Ready to Pitch Us?

We’d love to hear about your hustle! At this time we exclusively invest in companies based in

the United States, Canada, and Southeast Asia.